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バリエーション Variation 4mm, 6mm, 8mm
素材 Material
  • Polyurethane - 100%
加工方法 Processing
最小販売ロット Minimum Lot 4mm : BAG : 1kg / 1,500m
6mm : BAG : 1kg / 1.125m
8mm : BAG : 1kg / 750m
備考 Notes 【Care Instructions for MIST EX】
These goods have gone through strict quality control. However please conduct your own tests before using.
1. Please test these goods for changes in color and shape and for running of colors when using a hot iron, steam or pressing.
2. Do not tumble dry.
3. Please don't leave these goods in a wet condition as it may cause color change. If it is wet, please dry it immediately.
4. Width can vary slightly in measurement.
5. Some fabric may crease when you sew. Please check it in advance.
6. Please avoid long periods of exposure to strong sunlight. it may cause discoloration or brittleness.
7. Please keep inside and keep away from high temperature, high humidity.
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