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Material Recommendation for Medical Gowns and Face Guards

~ For the neck strap and the back of the gown ~
~ For the sleeves ~
● SPT-BD20  /  POLYESTER STRETCH BINDER  →Inquiry about this item
● BSK-140G  /  BASKING BS186RB →Inquiry about this item
~ For face guards elastic ~
Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19), there has been a shortage of medical gowns and face guards.
Our S.I.C. materials are used in products of various fields, and can also be applied to the production of essential equipment for health facilities.

For medical gowns, tape or ribbon can be used to adjust the neck strap to tie the back of the gown. Binder elastic helps to prevent the flow of air into sleeves.
Basking, our original design using spandex, can be used for cuffs. With vertical knit ribbing, it offers shape stability while providing a gentle fit.

For face guards, we recommend our durable inside belt elastic to prevent the guard from slipping off the face. This material is normally used in products for sportswear and underwear. Inside belt elastic can be worn comfortably over extended periods of time and is able to be washed and reused; ideal for medical workers fighting the coronavirus.

Some materials are certified Standard 100 (Class 1) by OEKO-TEX®. This certification is only given to textiles that pass strict tests targeting over 350 substances that are known to be harmful to human health.

We have more products available than what is shown on the chart such as ribbon, tape, elastic, cord and so on. Feel free to ask about our other products.
You can also view all of our products on our website.