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2023/24 trend HEALING CULTURE


With many of us making our effort to comfront climate changes and world affairs, natural material are gathering attention to pursue the needs.


Healing Culture 1

Wide variety of woven fabrics with delicate texture, lace with percise patterns and strings are offered to match various styles.


 Healing Culture 2

To accomidate growing sustainability awareness, we have collected simple neutral-colored recycled polyester products.


Healing Culture 3

●21STB-1T 21STB-1T is a knitted structure tape with soft touch including recycled polyester material.
●RPGOM RPGOM is a thick, solid, wide rubber including recycled polyester material that can be used for shoes (upper material) covering the instep.

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2023/24 trend TECHNO NATURE

100% Natural materials and fuctionality of trims are required as demands to coexist with nature is increasing and gathering attention.


Techno Nature 1 

Ribbons with natural textures made out of linen, wool, and cottons are gathered to accomidate the needs for sustainability.


Techno Nature 2

Products made with synthetic fiver with functionality of water absorption, quick dry, and stable physical properties.
SIC-3060 is assebled with fused yarn which avoids fraying with cut ends.
SIC-124 is made by cotton dyed yarn and silk-spun yarn with recycled short fiber, also known as "ecology silk". The tape is also very light weiht due to the cotton dyed yarn.


Techno Nature 3

●PV217-03 PV217-03 is very easy to handle because of natural elasticity without PU. It is easy to use on three dimensional objects, hard to unwind, and close to no deterioration due to polyurethane material.

※Promotion Only
 Contact us for detailed product information and sample requests.